Pek stands for plastic, ethics and knowledge. In Norwegian "Pek" means pointing at something, for us it means pointing at the problem of plastic pollution. We are a group of friends who takes huge interest in being in the ocean and nature, and because of this we´ve seen a lot of plastic around which triggered us to do something. 






PEK is an non-profit organization established in 2017. We’re working to raise awareness about plastic pollution and sustainable plastic habits. To do this we’re using plastic recycling machines developed by Dave Hakkins from Precious Plastic ( These machines can recycle plastic in a fun and transparent way. We are building three of these machines to use in a education program for children at Polaria in Tromsø. During the process you can see how used plastic can be transformed into a new product. 











The Machines

The first machine is the shredder. This machine shreds plastic into small pieces called granulate. 


The second machine melts the granulate from the shredder, and presses it into a module.  The module is then cooled down for a few minutes, and you then have a new product!


In the extruder machine, the granulate is heated up and then transported through a channel. It is pressed out from the tip, and looks like a "spaghetti"-thread. This plastic thread can be used as rawmaterial for 3D-printers. 




Come and join us every Sunday at 1 PM. We will be at Polaria in Hjalmar Johansens gate 12, 9296 Tromsø.